High sense of Beauty and the Health


It’s been 2years since I opened my Clinic in Higashi-Azabu, Azabu-Juban.

It was so busy for the 1st time however I started to go the gym to get some “Work out” to refresh my mind lately.

The main reason is I was shocked to discover my strength was waning so low.

Since I started to going to the gym, I started to think again regarding “Work Out” and It’s really interesting to see more details of training form, Diet, Supplement and mind controls.

It’s easy to see how much I’m into “Work out” now because I check Youtube, Weblogs and internet to obtain more information every time.

I have done such trainings when I was a student and playing baseball, also when I was studying Dentistry in LA.
But for me, this is the first time to check how to get efficient trainings in a Limit Of Time.

When I talked about these things to my patients, I found out people are also doing Work Out, Triathlon, Yoga, Marathon, Pilates, Stretch, Health Check and taking care of Healthy Eating.
They have really good atmosphere in common because of full of confidence appears on their outside.

I still not enough but would like to share those kind of Beauty and the Health information in a near future not only for a Dentistry.