The reason why we need to take “Intraoral Photos”


We take “Intraoral Photos” (Oral Photos) for the 1st time visit or early time for the treatment.

There is a huge difference has born between with or without it which is …

“Expand the photos and find problems which are unable to see with naked eyes”

“Consider the diagnosis without patients are with us”


It is uneasy to find all the problems in a limited of time even with the scopes.
When we are looking for some problems, it sometimes depend on the angle, also how lights are coming up with.

I believe “Intraoral Photos” are necessary.
As because we can find more Initial tooth decay, Mild periodontal disease, Deterioration of the crown and the biting balance to prevent the risks in a future.

We mention the same issue for the “Cosmetic Dentistry”
Doctors and the specialists who takes that kind of photos have same kind of eyesight.
They are specialty for looking balance, color and the shapes and also, their artistic aspect is really strong.

I would like to explain about photos for the “Cosmetic Dentistry” next time.