Troubles for the “Dental Implant”


“Dental Implant” has well known for effective treatment for the patients who has lost their tooth for some reasons.
I also understand how valuable and safe “Dental Implant” is since Dental Implant is one of my major at university in LA.

However before having Dental Implant, what I would like YOU to think of,

“Why you had lost that tooth.”

Because of periodontal or the cavity issue of not brushing tooth well,
Because of the tooth has broken or chipped of the bite,
Because of both…

This will be natural however, If I set the Dental implant at the same spot where you have lost your tooth under the same situation, the core trouble still exist and it may provide you another implant to you.

The situation around the implant didn’t change still.

I would be a Doctor who tells you the cause of the first core problem.
The teacher at UCLA California told me, we have to be focus not only providing just a Dental Implant,
But also understanding right and provide the right care and the maintenance.
He also says, he will ask to give him a Dental Implant with that kind of mind Doctor when he needed.

I feel I have more patents lately with the Troubles for the “Dental Implant”.
Dental Implant is not for frequently used.
The treatment really needed that Right Diagnosis, understand for the cause and the care, and the future maintenance.