“I would like to have a beautiful upper front tooth”


Second Opinion “I would like to have a beautiful upper front tooth”

One day, a patient who goes to the Dental Clinic for a “ cosmetic dentistry” around Azabu-Juban came and asked second opinion. Who had diagnosed to have treatment for the upper tooth from canine to other side of canine for total six-teeth.

To see the diagnosis from that clinic, it says.

Materials; Zirconia crown, Laminate Veneer

Period of the treatment ; In 1month (2 or 3times)

Price ; Close to 1million JPY

Patient is early 20s.

The doctor said that treatment will be done within a month of 2 or 3times visit however , the patient felt the question is it necessary to get root canal treatment even have no cavities.

“cosmetic dentistry” usually done for improving complex for that looks.
And it is different from periodontal or cavity treatments.
We often call it “Esthetic Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry .”
For that kind of treatment, we of course think of how to solve the complex but we are not supposed to do over-treatment which effected for the tooth life threatening.
I would like to avoid breaking the patient’s hope.
However for me, keeping permanent tooth is really the big point as well even required more time.
For this case, I had diagnosed as this.
Orthodontics treatment to move the tooth, then have minimum ceramic repair treatment.
Price will about the same however takes 6times more of time.

I’m not exact sure how patient thought this time with my diagnosis.
But I believe this is the right direction if I had a son or daughter and have requested that kind of “Cosmetic Dentistry”.

Actually “Cosmetic Dentistry” is one of my specialty.
With this, I have to think of both “ Patient’s ideal tooth” and ”Ethical issue”.
I would like to open every single issue without hiding, and I believe that helps to success and fulfill the people dream.