Studio Terasawa Orthodontics and esthetic Dentistry(STOD), is all about enhancing smiles for a lifetime. Dr.Terasawa and associates are a dental clinic specialized in esthetic rehabilitations on natural teeth and dental implants. A studio with complete dental solutions, where we can provide all treatment options in one place, under one vision.

Esthetics x Longevity

We combine the best of dental technology, techniques, and experience to bring out the best smiles of patients. We believe that any patient should be fully treated until he reaches the esthetics he desires. We always go for the treatment option that balances minimally invasiveness with longevity.

"Form follows Function."  Louis Henry Sullivan

Orthodontics x Dr.Chen

Orthodontic treatments at STOD is not only about moving teeth and fixing bite problems, it is also about patient care and improving lifestyles.We are here to help simplify your decision making process and to lead you to the right decisions according to your needs.We want your braces to be the process to a better looking, better feeling and better life.  We also want to keep the compromises during the process to the minimum.To do that, we need to know you first.  We want to share your concerns and understand your values.Once we know exactly what you want and need, we will propose to you treatment plans to achieve your goals.Our final goal is to achieve your goal.